The smart alarm security system that lets you check in when you're out.

What could be more important than protecting your most important things?

Exactly, nothing.

Which is why, our award-winning range of clever home security solutions are essential for providing the superior protection you want for your home and family. With a choice of security cameras, motion detectors, smoke detectors and home safety devices, SmartAlarm will revolutionise the way you live, keeping your world safe and sound every day.

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Home security in your hands

Keep your home safer and minimise the risk of intrusion at the touch of a button with instant alerts and a speed dial service to the local police station and key holders. What's more, all images of activity are captured on your home security cameras and stored in your Smart App cloud.

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Remote home monitoring

At the very first sign of danger, flood, smoke alarms and CO detectors will instantly alert you when you’re at home or away. Distress buttons are also available to assist elderly or vulnerable people who may require help more quickly than others.

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Motion activated cameras

Check on pets, children or the general comings and goings of family life when you’re not there to share it. And while they'll probably insist they're fine, motion sensors are especially great for making sure teenagers and elderly relatives are safe and sound when you’re not there.

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Meet the home guard

We offer a range of state-of-the-art home security systems specifically designed to prevent any potential incident in the very early stages. Even if you're not on the property, our SmartAlarm security systems will alert you to changes in your home that could be damaging or life threatening so that you can take the appropriate action right away. What's more, vulnerable relatives or friends can enjoy an added level of protection, knowing they can alert you directly in times of distress.

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Simply smart technology

The way it works is simple. Your SmartAlarm will be connected to your wireless router which communicates with the RISCO Cloud. The app on your smartphone or tablet is also connected to the RISCO Cloud. When the alarm triggers, your SmartAlarm sends the event to the Cloud which sends it to the app on your smartphone or tablet. This all happens in seconds allowing you to relax in the knowledge that you’re in complete control of your property at all times.

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Your SmartAlarm is designed around you

We tailor our security solutions around you and the type of property you need to protect. You may prefer a completely wireless system, or a hybrid of both wired and wireless. A typical SmartAlarm is most likely to be wireless as it makes the installation simpler, but our installer will speak to you in detail and advise which type of system is most compatible with your lifestyle. After all, with SmartAlarm, you're in control from the very beginning.

The home of smart security

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You're in safe hands

SmartAlarm is a range of award-winning home alarm systems by fresh thinking security manufacturer RISCO Group.

With 37 years’ experience spanning 25 countries, we’re proud to be the largest independent intruder alarm manufacturer in the world. As pioneers of cloud-based security solutions our vision is to revolutionise the way we live by providing smart lifestyle, security, video and home automation through a single app. In the UK we supply a network of trusted security installers with a range of connected, wireless home alarm systems that protect property and enhance lifestyles every day.

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